Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Day #4 and Snowmobile Shows

Well, Day 3 is here & gone... I did it! I had more cravings yesterday than I have yet, but hopefully they are right with the mumbo jumbo about after the 3rd day it gets much better.

I bought strawberry pop tarts yesterday, so I'll be able to take my pill sooner today. I broke down and took my pill yesterday morning w/ a granola bar. I had to fight to get that down. Yuck.

I am finding that the evening pill is giving me an upset stomach - to the point that I feel like I'm going to puke. Funny thing is; my dad doesn't take the morning pill for the same reason. I'm not going to stop taking the evening one quite yet... we'll see if it passes.

Today I need to start getting my butt in gear for the Waconia Snowmobile show this weekend. I have to go to Walmart today and buy hangers (and dog food & kitty litter). We are leaving Friday morning, so I want to have everything packed & ready by Thursday night. Of course, we'll go through the same fight again - I pack light and everything between my stuff and the husbands stuff can fit into one duffel bag. I have a nice sized one... only it's pink. He has this thing with his clothes being in a pink duffel bag. Silly man.

I've got a good selection going of SledderWear merchandise. A package of stickers should be at the post office today. I ordered a few last minute ones last Friday. I have my designs printed out for the catalog and just need to print out the ones I've done this week.

Plus I need to go to the bank today - the husband is getting the puppy-trade sled on Thursday.

Oh.... and it looks like the green Kawi won't be at the show. Don't ask - it's a sore subject. Everything that could have went wrong, did. It ran for 5 minutes last night, though! Sounded great! And then...... well.... it was good while it lasted.