Thursday, October 16, 2008

Toys, money, fridges, adresses & ceilings

Click the toilet paper to play with us!

What was your favorite toy as a child?
I'll have to say My Little Pony. I got my first one in 3rd grade and it evolved from there... I collected them through high school. I still have most of them yet, but I did sell one on Ebay a couple years ago for 80 bucks. If money was no object, but you could only buy ONE thing, what would you buy your spouse/significant other? A piece of land with a huge shed on it.

What about your children? Krissy wouldn't forgive me if I wouldn't buy her an XBox 360, which I could buy now but I won't. I suppose I'd buy her every video game system imaginable with every Sonic game ever made.
Taryn? A room size aquarium.

Now, if you only had $10 to buy one thing, what would it be? 10 peanut butter cups.

What's on your refrigerator? tons of magnets. A school calendar, some notes from church, a phone list, some photo Christmas cards and a picture of a bear that Krissy drew.

What's on top of it? phone books, a Mickey Mouse cookie jar, a cribbage board, my mom's silver set and a box of scalloped potatos that Krissy is supposed to bring to church for the food shelf.

Go look in it. Whats in there that would gross the rest of us out? Yesterday I could have listed a few things, but the husband cleaned it out last night.

Whats your favorite type of potato? Mashed w/ a puddle of butter in the middle.

Do you have an address book? Do you write in it or do you just stick return addresses/envelopes in it? I do both. I write in the ones I know and then get lazy and it's now filled with about 20 envelopes.

Look up. Do you like your ceiling? It's dirty, but for a ceiling it's ok. And there's a fly on it. I wish I could walk upside down like a fly and not have all the blood rush to my head.