Friday, January 11, 2008

It's 1pm and she's blogging? ... the continued saga

The demon stayed home. She isn't dying, but she's sick all the same. It's now 1p.m., not a.m., p.m. and whats going on? She's sleeping and I'm not. I'm tired, so is she - but she's sleeping on the couch, snoring away like a baby, probably having some sweet dream. She's all comfy and warm under a quilt... ok partly warm because of the fever she has, but warm just the same.

And here I sit. Tired, not warm but very tired.

I hate being a mom.

It's 1am and she's blogging? What is she doing?

Not sleeping, that's for sure. Demon #2 has been waking me up since 11:30 whining about a sore throat, fever and stuffy nose. What can I do about it? Go lay on the couch... geez. Why wake me up? Does that make you feel better?

Ironically the kid has a doctors appointment at 8:30 tomorrow this morning for a meds check-up/blood work follow-up, so I guess the doc can see if she's dying from some strange cough-due-to-cold disease, too. And they better not try to give me antibiotics a day into a stuffy nose/fever cold either ... but I doubt our doc will - she knows me well enough now. I won't give my kids antibiotics unless they are dying from an infection. They need all the immune system they can get, I don't break it down with a drug if the body can fight off the infection itself.

Getting ready for the big show

The next few weeks are going to be filled with getting stuff together for the big snowmobile show in Waconia. This is one show that I don't miss, although I am skipping out on the ride this year. Last year I had just a wee bit of an incident that involved a sled, my knee and a pile of rocks. That's all I'm saying about that... the memory is too fresh. This year the ride is on the lake, so I should just get on a sled and shut up, but I won't. Last year the ice wasn't thick enough so we had to do this "other" trail ride which consisted of a lot of ditches. I hadn't drove in a sled in over 20 years... it wasn't a pleasant experience, lets just stick with that.

But anyway, we'll be at the show - big neon green snowmobile and snowmobile banner and all. Look for us. We'll have a bunch of stuff from SledderWear there, along with a catalog of all the designs available. Stop by and say hi... and bring me a hot cup of coffee.

I hope it's not freezing.