Monday, March 10, 2008

Hockey, school stuff, time change and smoking

Hockey : Insanity Wear :

Thats what I'm working on today. Not sure whats up with the hockey, though. We are not hockey fans... don't know anyone who is, actually. My sister just made a comment to me this past weekend that I have a whole bunch of sports stuff, but no hockey. Ok, well now I do.

Had to run a forgotten project to school bright and early this morning for Demon #1.

Speaking of bright & early. How was it getting out of bed for you today? Good God... I wanted to hurt something this morning. Usually I'm a morning person, but my body gets on such a schedule that this time change crap throws it into a tailspin and kicks it. And the demons - I should have said a short prayer before I attempted to wake them up this morning.

I know I haven't updated my smoking process... or no smoking process, that is. I'm on Day #52. It hasn't gotten any easier and I'm always wanting a cigarette, but I haven't had one.

Still have that opened pack in my purse though!