Monday, December 01, 2008

Flying Hamsters

So I'm sitting here bored out of my mind. I don't know whats up, but it seems like everyone who is a member on InsanityCafe has either had their tongue ripped out by a madman or had their fingers cut off by some wicked doctor who plans on doing finger transplants because nobody is fricken talking on there today. I've played so many games of Hamster Flight I feel like a flying hamster on a mission for rockets with fire coming out of them. It's crazy. I'm going to dream I'm in a hamster ball tonight, I swear.

I am just in shock that it's already December. I just don't understand where this year went. It's going to be 2009... do you remember how we all were so nervous about the coming of 2000? That didn't seem like that long ago, but yet it's a year short of a decade.

I snuck Demon #2 a benedryl tonight. Flame me with your comments, I don't give a rats ass. Until you've lived with this child, shut up. I couldn't take it anymore. Even she mentioned she's more hyper than normal. Good God. I really need to get her in to get her TSH levels checked again because even she is wondering if her thyroid isn't whacked out. I hope it's the case because her next stop is either boot camp or a foster home. Or a circus. Something. She's a difficult child to deal with and usually I have no troubles at all (the husband on the other hand... well, when you fall from the same tree, watch out! Those two are like oil & water). The past couple days I'm ready to just string her up by her toenails and duct tape her to the ceiling. Lord, tell me it's just a phase. She's got 3 months before she officially becomes a teenager... I just don't think it can get much worse.

But then again, Demon #1 spends her waking moments walking around with a permanant frown on her face. No, not a frown - a pissed off at any one of the adult persuasion look. She whines and argues and ... ok, I admit it. Demon #2 is looking like an angel now.