Friday, March 13, 2009

Who took the wieght off my head?

My bestest friend got her hair cut the other day and while she is describing it to me my jealousy is climbing. See, her & I have the same type of hair. Thick as shit. Yes, shit is thick. She's telling me how they thinned her hair out and how wonderful it is... blah blah blah. So I had to get my haircut. It looks basically the same, just a lot thinner. I felt like I was washing someone else's hair in the shower this morning... all my hair is gone! Two dustpans full of hair she took off my head.
Those of you with not-so-thick hair... don't wish for it. Please. Don't be jealous of those of us who have it either. It's not fun. It's heavy, you can't really do a damn thing with it, its just a pain in the ass more than anything. Plus, it's cheaper on shampoo & conditioner if you have thin hair. And you find out real quick that you can't just buy any old conditioner, either. Nope. You gotta buy the good stuff. I prefer Aussie, but every so often I switch to Pantene. Oh.. and Dove shampoo. That stuff rocks.

So there is my boring hair story of the day.

Happy Friday everyone...