Thursday, July 09, 2009

Facebook addicts

Hey... if you're most awesome enough to be my Facebook friend, check out the Part 2 Quiz of yours truly. And hey.. add me as a friend otherwise. I don't mind.

I screwed up a couple months ago on the first one and actually put one of my own questions with the wrong answer so I decided to redo it.

Here's a preview of the questions:

1) What is my favorite movie?
a) Big Girls Don't Cry
b) An Officer & A Gentleman
c) Footloose
d) Candyman
e) I hate movies

2) What did I want our oldest, Taryn, to be named?
a) Taryn (of course, I won!)
b) Jasmine
c) Ayla
d) Monique
e) Jane

3) What color is my car?
a) Purple
b) Black
c) Blue
d) Red
e) Silver

4) What is the only flavor PopTarts I will eat?
a) Frosted Cherry
b) Frosted Strawberry
c) Hot Fudge
d) any of them without frosting
e) none of them. PopTarts suck.

5) What was my last tattoo of?
a) a tiger
b) paw prints
c) a star
d) Mel Gibsons portrait
e) Jason's name in a heart

6) What is something you almost always see me with
a) lipstick
b) a hairbrush
c) a spare pair of underwear
d) camera
e) bug spray

7) Which soap opera do I watch?
a) Days of our Lives
b) Guiding Light
c) One Life to Live
d) I hate soaps
e) I quit watching when Another World was cancelled

8) What color will I NEVER paint walls in my house
a) pink
b) blue
c) purple
d) green
e) white

9) What kitchen appliance do I not own and never want to own?
a) a blender
b) a microwave
c) a dishwasher
d) a waffle maker
e) a pizza oven

10) What is my favorite color of t-shirt?
a) gray
b) white
c) yellow
d) black
e) I hate t-shirts

11) What animal am I afraid of?
a) cows
b) bears
c) goats
d) chickens
e) kangaroos

12) What was the name of my first real boyfriend?
a) Jason
b) Nathan
c) Randy
d) Matt
e) Paul

13) Whats my middle name?
a) Rose
b) Marie
c) Christianann
d) Ann
e) Cecilia

14) What was the name of my dalmatian that I had when I was little?
a) Spot
b) Hyper
c) Pancake
d) Smokey
e) Dots

15) Out of these places, where would I rather go?
a) A zoo
b) Amusement Park
c) Haunted House
d) Derby Races
e) A Concert

16) What was the fake name I used when I was a telemarketer?
a) Bethany
b) Holly
c) Melissa
d) Bertha
e) you didn't use a fake name

17) Where does my best friend that I've never met in person live?
a) California
b) Florida
c) Texas
d) Montana
e) Arizona

18) What sets my anxiety off in an instant?
a) germs
b) darkness
c) phone calls
d) driving
e) hot water

19) What do I dip my french fries in?
a) Ketchup
b) BBQ sauce
c) Mayo
d) melted cheese
e) peanut butter

20) Easy one... choose A
a) pick this one
b) not this one
c) not this one
d) not this one
e) not this one

Peanut Butter on ice cream

Ok since alot of people seemed to comment on my peanut butter melted on ice cream in my last post...

This is my own creation. I'll try peanut butter with anything once. I take vanilla ice cream and start scooping it up into a bowl. In the meantime there is peanut butter melting in the microwave. Vanilla ice cream from Schwans is the best. More expensive, but well worth it. If you don't have a Schwans ice cream truck that comes to your door - I'm sorry for your loss.

The peanut butter trick - for years I just melted it in a cup, but honestly it is the worst thing to clean up. I refrained from having my favorite treat because of the clean up. So I had a brainstorm. Take a spoonful of peanut butter and put it into a sandwich baggie. Fold the baggie and microwave it for about 40 seconds. Make sure it's all melted good. Take a snip out of the corner of the bag.... pour onto the ice cream! And the best part? Throw the baggie away! No mess.

I also add chocolate (Nestle Quik is the best), but always add the peanut butter first because the cold ice cream will cool the hot peanut butter... and the chocolate (which I keep in the fridge even before initially opened) will cool it from the top.

Now, if you like chocolate, peanut butter and ice cream I suggest not trying this at home. Seriously. Instant addiction. And don't come back and yell at me. I warned you.