Monday, June 08, 2015

Don't Ever Live Your Life for You. Don't do it.

One of the subjects that I've been wanting to rant about is the main one of this week... or one of the main ones... Caitlyn Jenner. Not so much her, but something I heard someone say. The comment went something like this: 

"He's 65 years old, been married, has how many kids, stepfather to other kids, whats the point of doing it now?"

Right. Whats the point? I mean, Bruce Jenner was 65 years old (I think, I'm too lazy to actually go check on the age). Bruce Jenner lived his life for everyone ... and I mean everyone ... his family, his children, his PUBLIC. He lived for everyone... everyone except
that most important person. 

So what if he's 65 now? Should he seriously just "get over it" and live the rest of his life in a lie and unhappy with who he is because he's dealt with it his entire life anyway? I guess maybe he should. 

Who do we live for anyway? Do we pick a few people and only live for them? Do we live for our parents? Our spouse? Our children? Our best friend? Who do you live for? 

Who should Bruce Jenner have lived for? I think he did a fine job living for everyone. 

Now it's Caitlyn's turn. Live your life.

I sometimes wonder if people are all pissed off because she is a damn hot woman... especially for her age! 

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