Sunday, May 25, 2008

Another Memorial Wknd....

Well, we tried. Tornado Watches brought us home again today. Crappy weather all around - hazy, cold, windy. But we tried.

Thats the nice thing about camping at the lake - we are 5 miles from home. If the weather sucks, we can go home really easy. We aren't stuck having a miserable weekend if we don't have to.

But I did remember to grab my memory stick today, so I got a few pics.
The Husband
The lake was cold... 50some degrees, but that didn't stop Demon #2 from getting wet!

Saki's first trip to the lake... luckily she doesn't quite understand that she's looking at a big giant puddle. She still has 2 days until her stitches come out, so we had to keep her as dry as possible.
Next weekend we'll let her experience the real lake adventure!Demon #1 hung out in the hammock a lot.

and lets not forget the star of the day.... Happy Birthday Chico! He spent the day with his best friend, Saki, of course!As last week, I'm throwing this up for Weekly Winners, Weekend Snapshot and Camera Critters.


Misty Dawn said...

Oh man, my Tag (male Border Collie) would have been running and jumping in that lake in a heartbeat. My girls (Molly and Maggie) would think he was crazy, because they don't like the water ;-)

This is a fun post!

Rhea said...

So is the dog the critter or the kids? hehe I think all three qualify!

Looks like you had a laid back day...until the tornado watchers got you home.

Yen said...

Awesome photos! Looks like you had fun;) Happy WS! Mines up too!

Karen of Sillymonkeez said...

Sorry about the poor weather! Happy birthday, Chico!!!

HRH said...

Fun pictures! I can't imagine it being that cool...enjoy it.

baby~amore' said...

Beautiful happy snaps
and very creative covering all your bets with all the memes LOL

MY WW is up
My Little Drummer boys

i beati said...

these two are fun !!! sandy

:: Lesley :: said...

Is everyone still okay...... I hear bad things in MN..... :(

secret agent mama said...

Love your shots, all of them!! :) And, really love your new template.