Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Do farts really stink?

Do farts really stink or are we just conditioned to believe that they do?

I was just thinking about this because of a show I watched the other day. We are genetically made to think certain parts of the opposite sex are attractive for procreation purposes. Scents of people are the same way. They went on to say how the view of what is attractive has changed over the years, but in some parts of the world it hasn't. Then it got me thinking of other things that we are conditioned to think... like how years ago girls got married & started a family in their teenage years, etc. Don't ask me how it got me thinking about farts (probably because the cat farted, who knows)... but who decided that farts stink? And that flowers smell good? If you think about it, many animals go based off the smell of that particular area but yet we find it repulsive.

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