Friday, May 16, 2008

Responsible Pet Owner, I Am (Don't let my human babies have surgery!)

I was a responsible pet owner and had my sweet baby spayed (and her dew claws removed... I think she thought they were actual thumbs because she always tried to use them as such. I have the scratches to prove it!!).

My poor Saki girl... she's so pathetic! When she goes potty or poop she makes me wanna cry! She stands there with those big puppy dog eyes crying "Mama, it hurts!!!". sad0146.gif

Chico is being a spaz, actually he's just being a typical canine, he's growling & barking at her every chance he gets - but he won't leave her side. Go figure.

Good God, please don't ever let one of my human babies have surgery... I won't be able to handle it.


SledChick said...

Yeah, tell me about it. My 7 yo had her tonsils out 2 months ago. Now, I'm no wimp and not the most sympathetic mother, but I almost passed out in the recovery room, she was in such pain when she came out of it. I can live without doing that again.

Karen of Sillymonkeez said...

Poor thing! She looks so defeated. How long does she have to keep that thing on?

Kittilicious said...

at least 3 days... we'll see how she does though. I take it off every now and then so she can do the "box cleaning" lmao

Simply Shannon said...

Get well soon Saki!!! ((((HUGS))))