Monday, September 28, 2009

You Needed Me

On my way to the grocery store today I was station surfing (sorta like channel surfing, ya know) and came across one of my favorite songs. I know, not many people like Anne Murray, but I happen to absolutely love her and I'm not afraid to admit it. I love her voice (and she's probably got the voice I can most closely match when I sing in the car).

I cried a tear
You wiped it dry
I was confused
You cleared my mind
I sold my soul
You bought it back for me
And held me up and gave me dignity
Somehow you needed me.

You gave me strength
To stand alone again
To face the world
Out on my own again
You put me high upon a pedestal
So high that I could almost see eternity
You needed me
You needed me

And I can't believe it's you I can't believe it's true
I needed you and you were there
And I'll never leave, why should I leave
I'd be a fool
'Cause I've finally found someone who really cares

You held my hand
When it was cold
When I was lost
You took me home
You gave me hope
When I was at the end
And turned my lies
Back into truth again
You even called me friend

This song speaks to me in so many ways... it screams out to someone, who shall remain nameless, but they know who they are. Someone who was there for me when it seemed nobody else was... I was in a dark place, they were in a dark place... it was meant to be at the moment. We went our separate ways, but I never forgot.

And yes, you who I'm talking about, can sit there with that evil little smile and try to hide your face - but I can see you smiling. You know it's you.

And stop with the hehehe'ing.

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