Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dirty Sinks & Flushing Toilets

This morning my face just felt like it needed a good washing. This is something I usually do at night, but this morning I just wanted a clean face. So I went into the bathroom, let Serena drink for a little bit and finally got tired of waiting for her to get that perfect drip to drink to satisfy her feline OCD and I turned the water on hot.

Funny how fast a cat will jump off a counter when their head gets soaked.

I splash hot water on my face.. opens up the pores, you know. It's funny, I always think of a sauna when I wash my face. It's like it's my reminder on what to use - hot or cold. So I wet my face down and grab Demon #2's "Morning Burst" facial cleanser. Morning Burst - everyone can use one of those, right? I lather it up and start rubbing it all over my face. Soap near my eyes doesn't bother me so I'm rubbing it into my eyebrows and all over. Maybe it's an art form, but I can accomplish this without getting any in my eyes. I'm doing this as I'm looking at my horrid reflection in the mirror. When did my eyes get so... sunken in? Must have been somewhere between the birth of the 1st & 2nd demon.

So I'm looking in the mirror and I look down.

A washcloth that needs to be washed.

The sink is dirty. And full of bubbles. If it can clean my face it can clean the sink, right?

So I grab the washcloth and start wiping out the sink. I don't know how we get this brown film behind the faucet, but we do. I don't have any now because I cleaned it off. Yuck. Then I notice the dried toothpaste on the counter. Doesn't anyone see the toothpaste fall off the toothbrush? I suppose it's just like the slippers that are right now laying in the middle of the kitchen... Mom will take care of it.

So I clean off the toothpaste that's dried... really dried to the counter. This actually needs a fingernail to get all of it off. Yuck. Must have been there for days. As I'm doing this I look over and see all the hair that's accumulating in the corners of the counter. No, it's not pet hair. It's human hair. I handed down a wonderful gene to the demons - thick and constant shedding hair. I wipe off all of the counter. All clean. Wow. I've accomplished quite a bit before 7:30 in the morning!

I turn around and see the toilet. Ahhh yes, that hasn't been cleaned in a week so I grab the cleaner from under the sink and start squirting it into the toilet. I turn around to grab the toilet brush - those things are actually really disgusting when you think about it, you know that? I reach down ------


Ooops. I was washing my face, wasn't I... and I sorta got sidetracked and forgot to rinse the soap off my face. It's now found its way into my right eye and is burning like a ******-******!!! I rinse it off quick and so one of those hand-as-a-cup-of-water eye washing tricks, dry my face off as Demon #1 comes into the bathroom. I go out and grab my now-cold cup of coffee. I dump the cold coffee and get myself a nice hot refill.

Then I hear it....

The toilet bowl cleaner is flushed down the toilet.

My bathroom counter & sink is clean, though.

And so is my face.


K said...

I feel your pain...actually I had a very similar morning (nothing got in my eyes though). Why am I the only one who leaves the house cleaner than what I found it??? I am so vastly outnumbered. I feel so much better knowing I'm not the only person left in the world who can see dirt in the bathroom ;)

Kimber said...

LMAO Oh sorry, I shouldn't laugh but I can't help it.

i beati said...

how a woman thinks sk