Thursday, September 18, 2008

Me & a candy bar - my Thursday Thunk

Ok did anyone expect me NOT to say what I'm about to say?

I'd be a Peanut Butter Cup, of course!

Not just because I love them to the point that they have become a necessity in life, but because ... well, once you know me, like a PBCup... I become a necessity in your life. Could you imagine a world with no PBCups? Ask those who know me & love me what a world would be like without me.

You'll get the same answer.

Peanut Butter & chocolate go together in many different ways - as I do. I can get along with a variety of personality types. (maybe I'm a variety of personality types)

Best of all.. delicious. Which I am. I am just a delicious part of anyone's life. A must have.... an addiction of sorts. I'm perfect anytime of year, any month, any time of day. In the morning I'm the best - with a cup of coffee of course. Mornings are WONDERFUL times of the day! I'm great in the afternoon and perfect as a bedtime snack.

I'm also very full of myself, which is what happens when PBCups are around - I fill up on them!

*note: I am usually not full of myself... or so vain. Only in extreme silly moods, which now is one of those times.


Jen said...

You crack me up.

Kittilicious said...

But you love me... just like PBCups.

Kimber said...

LOL love it and I agree, you are great in the mornings. :O