Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Today is the day!

The demon got a little upset that I wrote in her planner, but I can't help it... I was excited!

I'll be interested to hear how today goes. Demon #2 lost her class schedual already and we tried to peice together her day as much as possible. First day of Jr High and you aren't 100% sure where you are going.. we've all been there, but this might be one of the worst. Luckily Demon #1 is just a grade ahead of her and their lockers are right next to each other.... big sister is going to help push her in the right direction.

At least she better. *sigh*

So here's to a new school year...


Well, the school day is over and all went well. Demon #2 walked into the wrong math class, sat down and sat through roll call. Only then is when she figured out she screwed up. Worse could happen, I suppose.

Demon#1 went to her locker in the morning only to find that someone else had occupied it. She shared with her sister (wasn't the big sister supposed to be watching out for the little one?) and they will get it figured out tomorrow.

They both came home smiling... and with homework. Krissy started right in on her art homework. Draw something that you are good at drawing. What to pick.... she's good at drawing everything! My little artist already has plans on applying to the Art Instruction Schools when she's 14 so she was tickled pink to see the art room!

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