Thursday, March 06, 2008

Vintage sleds shamless plug

Vintage sleds - vintage snowmobile: "03.05.08
First video from the big ride comes from our gal 'Ceptorlicious (great screen name huh? Can you tell she's a Kawasaki kind of gal?) who took this video at the beginning of the ride. First John Deere off the line is our special guest Forrest Hess."

Ha ha... they love me. Ok, maybe not love me, but the husband had to point out that I was mentioned on the front page of I feel honored... although it's strange - I wasn't even at LOS! The husband took the video, I just posted it!

Anyway... just wanted to share because... well, they are a great bunch and I can say that.

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scribbler said...

man those posters rock!