Monday, March 03, 2008

Buy something, will you?

I have this problem, I'm sure most moms can relate. Husband, kids & me go shopping, we go home with something for everyone... except me. It's my fault though, I'd rather spend money on him & them than on me.

So while we are at the mall last week we went to a jewelry store to see if we could find my wedding ring. I've been looking for it for over 10 years... long story, but I want the style back that we were married with, not this ugly anniversary band that I was forced to have. We found the ring... as close as we could anyway. Jason was ready to throw down the Discover card and get me a whole new solitaire and wedding band, but we can exchange the current band, so why not? Need the receipt, though. Went home, found the receipt. When we went to the mall Saturday - guess who forgot the receipt? Dumb me.

So we go in there anyway, because I made the comment that Jason got a new hat, the girls got stuff and I had nothing. Not whining at all, just stating a fact. (if you know me, you know this is true... I don't get bent out of shape if I don't get things for myself) Jason always says, it's my fault I don't get anything because I don't get myself anything. He doesn't say no to me, never has.

So, Jason insisted I was getting something. Again... he was ready to get me my wedding ring. Nope, I wanted the exchange deal.

He wouldn't let me leave empty handed. Isn't he just the best?

So this is what I got......

Not huge, not expensive, because thats not who I am. It's simple, pretty and just right.

While picking out a new solitaire/wedding band that I didn't get, the salesperson AND Jason were trying to get me to upgrade my 1/4 carat solitaire to 1/2 or even 3/4.... no. It's huge, its too big... let me keep my 1/4 carat dammit!!!! Why do people think the most expensive makes the most happiness?


SledChick said...

I'm with you with the small and pretty, even though no one believes a girl can say that and mean it. My hub didn't believe me 12 years ago and my diamond is a beautiful 1/2 carat. The problem is I'm a pretty active girl. A farm-raised girl who gets dirty and does stuff like gardening, snowmobiling, etc. The 1/2 carrat really gets caught and has caused real actual physical pain at times. There have been times I thought the entire setting would either break off or cause real injury. Guys--if your girl wants something small, consider why. The answer may be more practical than you think. If you have to go expensive, a few small gems might be better than one big one!!

Jenny said...

So pretty and sweet! And for me, I buy stuff for myself all the time! I kind of feel guilty for it!