Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bad comments and bad parenting

If you have ever left a negative comment here you will notice it doesn't stay long. I hate negativity. With anyone.

Someone decided to tell me I was a bad parent because I don't post about my kids much. My life revolves around my animals and my quitting smoking and not enough on my children.

This is a blog that any random person can read and it's about me and I have control over what I want to put into it. If I want to talk about puppies and cigarettes I will.

If you look at my blog labels you will see what I talk about most often.

I talk about what I feel like talking about at any given time. I really fricken love chocolate, but do I clutter this blog with it? No. I love to read, do you see book recommendations all over? No. I love sex with my husband, do you see details about it? No.

And one thing - if you don't like what someone is writing about... stop reading it.

Stupid comments made by strangers explain why I don't dive into the very personal life of myself or my children on a public blog.


Jerinda said...

It's your blog, you talk about what you want!

SledChick said...

Ditto you and Jerinda.

Is it so inconceivable that a Mom might have interests BESIDES her kids? And still manage to be a good Mom!?!

One Mom blogger I follow won't mention anything in-depth about her son (other than the fact that she has one) because the web is just not that safe! Not talking about your kids means nothing at all. Some people really need a life...

Anonymous said...

This is the typical response which I anticipated.
Help is available free of cost if you need it.
For your family's sake,I hope you get your act togather so you won't regret it later.
Some mistakes don't have to be made-try listening to someone who is older and wiser for once.
God Bless and good luck.

Kittilicious said...

So would you rather I talk about snowmobiles? ;)