Saturday, February 23, 2008

Not much going on

It's day 36. Yea me!

Husband is on his way to buy a motor for the puppy-trade-off sled, then after that we are going to his dads to help him with some stuff. Have to bring the puppy along because we can't leave her in the crate all day and I just don't trust the eat & chew-everything-in-sight dog alone in the garage that long either. She'd probably eat one of the sleds.

I guess I shouldn't say there isn't much going on - there's actually quite a bit. It involves Demon #2 but honestly I really don't want to get into it right now.

Don't you hate that when people do that? Give you a tease of whats going on? I can't stand it.

******taken out just because*******

Anyway. Just wanted to throw a little update in here. We've got friends from Pennsylvania coming to see us tomorrow... it's one of those "internet things" that old people freak out about. Ok Dad, yep, you're right, I haven't actually met Jill, but I've known her for 9 years. Cue the eye roll from Dad. If you've never met her, how can you know her?
It's funny how the older generations can't grasp the concept of internet friendships. My dad just gets pissed off, too, when you talk about people online. I mean really pissed off because the though is so alien to him. My friend Kimber is one of my best friends and I've never laid eyes on her... but we've talked each other through panic attacks, cried on the phone to each other, laughed, screamed... you name it, we've done it. But nope, I've never seen her in person. It's something that is strange when you try to explain it to someone who still thinks a mouse is a rodent.

He still can't figure out how I made over $7,000 in one month selling t-shirts online. That one went right over his head and I didn't even attempt to explain it.

Jill and her hubby, Sean, are coming to Minnesota for a visit to Mayo in Rochester. Not a planned visit, but it's a good excuse for us to finally meet. The husband has met Sean before, years ago, on a trip out east... but Jill & I? It's a meeting that we've waited a long time for.

Happy weekend everyone....


Jenny said...

Holy mother-lovin crap about your daughter. I'm sorry to hear. Doesn't it suck? I mean, obviously you're worried about her, but then I can't help to think "like you need one more thing". That's all that's been going on around here..."like we need one more thing." DO NOT PICK UP A CIGGY!!! You could always just eat through the stress like I do. NO DON'T. I'm sitting here way overweight and wouldn't wish that on anyone. I hope you're having fun with your buddy...and yes, I think the older generation just doesn't get it and they never will.

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Kittilicious said...
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