Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What my girls did today

They went to school. Not really sure what that all consisted of because I wasn't there. Demon #1 got home at 3:20 and irritated me for about a hour with saying nothing but "moo", but I couldn't help but bust out laughing everytime she did it. She helped me make supper and then while she set the table at 4:55, I ran to pick up Demon #2 from swimming. When she got in the car I was greeted with; "Mommy, you better have supper ready because I'm hungry!". Which I then used the ride home to make her come up with better greetings to greet her mother with. I also threatened her with the fact that we only live 6 blocks from school and I should make her walk instead of being a nice mommy and driving to pick her up. We got home, woke dear old dad up who was sleeping on the couch, had supper and then I cleaned up the supper mess, the girls played a game and the husband went back to his nap.

I spent the entire day on the computer today..... 95% of it was creating an Easter line in my store.

It's been 39 days since I quit smoking but I almost had one today.

I'm sorry, those last 2 comments were about me. This is supposed to be about the demons.

I think this is the most boring blog post I've written yet.

A Kittilicious Did You Know: Did you know that if you mess with a mama bear's cubs she will not think twice about killing you?

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A Lost Writer said...

:) Loved your post and was enticed into reading a few more! Great stuff. I have a six-year-old son and I started blogging about him a couple of months back. Drop in when you have time.