Tuesday, January 29, 2008

We're back

We made it home and survived the weekend. Saturday isn't much to speak of because we were stuck in the swap the whole time and I ended up getting chilled right away in the morning... you know how a bone-chilling chill can effect you! I was screwed the rest of the day. Then from shivering I got a massive headache. I think I was probably the biggest pain in the ass around.

We got back to the hotel about 5:30. The husband ordered some pizza while I jumped in the bathtub to try to get warm. I crawled into bed with one of his t-shirts on and a pair of wool socks, ate pizza &breadsticks and then laid down. This was 6:00.

"I'm just going to close my eyes a little while to get rid of this headache"


6:20 the next morning....

We skipped the swap on Sunday and went through the show, saw the races and tried to see everything we couldn't see on Saturday. We headed out about 1:30 right after the Loudest Snowmobile Contest.

Got home and did some laundry, caught up on the girls' weekends (they both had a blast!) and realized Saki had grown in the 2 days I was gone! Wow!

Oh.... and can you believe we never took our camera or our video camera out at all this weekend? What a bunch of losers we are, huh?

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