Friday, January 25, 2008

Day #7 - Goodbye & Good Luck

Well today is day #7 of no smoking. You want to know if these pills are worth it? Yesterday we were picking up a sled at some guys house and he pulled out a pack of cigarettes. I thought, "oh God, here we go!". I hadn't been around a smoker in 6 days. He lit one up and.......

.... nothing.

Thats right. Nothing. I didn't care. I didn't want to tear it from his hand, I didn't want to bum one from him. Nothing.

Then he got into our truck. I almost puked. The smell of smoke that was coming off of him made me gag. He wasn't smoking, he just stunk to high heaven of smoke. Yuck. If I needed a reminder on why I quit.. it was sitting in the front seat of our truck.

Ok other news. We leave today for Waconia 2008. Are you going? Why not? Well, if you are... stop by and see me! I'll be the one, as I've mentioned, sitting under a big green Kawasaki banner and sitting next to a big green Kawasaki sled. I'll also be holding a big beautiful white dog ransom for awhile... if Doc lets me I should say!

Bring me a cup of coffee, too... I'll be freezing my ass off! Or a shot of blackberry brandy will do just fine, too. Nothing warms up the blood like blackberry.

Saki isn't going with. I wish she was. They say a dog should meet 100 people by the time they are 16 weeks old. This would have been perfect for her, but the hotel we have reservations at doesn't allow pets and good luck finding a room this late! So she's staying home.


SledChick said...

Woohoo!! Great Job! What a feat to accomplish...

I'm a bit far away to see you at the show, but have a great time and make tons of money with your wear! Maybe I'l slap up a post about the event later and tell readers to be on the lookout for you!!

Great job on the (not) smoking. I'm thrilled for you! (Amazing how bad smoke smells when you're not a smoker, isn't it?)

Heather said...

Good luck on the sled selling!
Oh and congrats on one week free from smoking!