Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Oh and.... Day #11!!!!

I'm on day #11 with no smoking! I bought a pack Sunday morning because Saturday both the husband & I were craving one in the worst way. It sat in my pocket for a few hours then I thought, "what the hell!" and I opened it. I lit one up, took 2 drags and threw it on the ground. It tasted like shit. Seriously. That was some nasty ass tasting crap that I tried to put in my mouth! Yuck.

The pack is still in the truck with just that one cigarette out of it.

I think I just needed to be reminded that I don't want to do that anymore.


SledChick said...

Good job! That's great--keep it up!

And the camera thing? I do that all the time!

Jerinda said...

You are doing great!!!

Kitty said...

Wow you really are amazing Berleen! That is so awesome!

Heather said...

Very hard to break old habits. Mine was always smoking in the car. When I drove, I had to chain smoke!

You are doing great Berleen! Keep it up!