Friday, January 18, 2008

New Chantix Warnings

Depressed mood, agitation, suicidal thinking and suicidal behavior have been reported among some users of the pill. Today Chantix is getting a warning on its U.S. label that asks doctors to monitor for these behaviors. Pfizer points out that people giving up smoking, or people who are smokers in the first place, tend more toward depression than their nonsmoking peers. While Pfizer says a causal link between behavioral symptoms and its drug hasn't been proved, the seriousness of some of the events prompted the stronger label.
From the Wall Street Journal

Trucker heard about this on the radio today and called me... scary stuff. He's been really crabby all week, but I didn't think it was the pills. (He ended up putting a snowmobile suspension in by himself because he was being a dick and I told him I wouldn't help him if he was going to be like that!)

Anyway... I'm still taking the pills. I think I'm actually in a pretty good mood, considering. But this is just an FYI for anyone else thinking of going on Chantix.


SledChick said...

Hey Kitty!

Just getting back to checking up on what you're doing post-holiday madness! SOO glad to see you've decide to quit smoking! I'm not a msoker myself, so I can't imagine, but I always have the deepest respect for smokers who make the switch!

I really hope this works for you. I'll be pulling for you!

BTW--cute dog!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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