Saturday, January 19, 2008

Day 1 of Not Smoking (thx to Chantix)

It's been 27 hours without a cigarette (but who's counting?). It was a rough morning, but after that it was a breeze really. After supper I craved one, but it went away pretty fast. Funny thing is, I was playing Sonic on the Xbox and all of a sudden I started craving Cheeto's! LOL So I went to the store and bought some... had a handful and remembered that I really don't like Cheeto's.

The husband isn't doing so good... all I hear is "I really want a f*@king cigarette!". I told him to go buy a pack if he wants one so bad. He questioned me on the meds.. "I thought they were supposed to make you not want one".

Well... I don't want one.

Anyway. Day #1 as a non-smoker is almost through. It will go fine the rest of the night, too, because I didn't smoke much at night to begin with. Still gotta go have my chocolate peanut butter ice cream though. Don't anyone expect me to break THAT habit!

I did think of something today, though. After you quit smoking, your taste is supposed to change because you aren't killing your tastebuds with the smoke. Ok, great. BUT WHAT IF I DON'T LIKE THE TASTE OF CHOCOLATE ANYMORE?!?!?!!!!????


Kitty said...

Woot Woot! Kitty I know your gonna do it.It is encouraging me to quit as well.I never wanted to do it with medicine but I haven't been able to do it any other way so it might do the trick!

Kittilicious said...

Do it... it's amazing. I have almost no cravings at all! In fact, the cravings are to go have a cigarette, not to have one - if that makes sense??
Only weird thing so far is I'm craving certain foods, almost like I'm pregnant! LMAO