Friday, January 18, 2008

Day... um.. 7?? on Chantix

It must be day 7 because tomorrow is my Quit Day. Today is my last day of smoking. I just had my last "morning cigarette". It was kind of sad....

Am I ready? I don't know... all week I've been smoking less, I'm down to 1/2 pack a day instead of a pack or better. The last 2 days I have forgotten my evening pill, though.

I mentioned to my parents (who are very close to the 1 month mark!) that I'm down to 1/2 pack and they said; "smoke 'em up! When they are gone they are gone!". I don't want to smoke them all... well, I do, but as I'm smoking I don't like it, it tastes like shit and I hate the taste it leaves in my mouth.

Amazing that a stupid pill can do that!

The only side effects I've had is tiredness, but yesterday I didn't have it. I felt like I had taken NyQuil or something. Supposedly it's worse the week you stop smoking, but then it goes away. At least thats how it was for my parents. We'll see. I suppose you can't smoke if you are sleeping. :)

.... but you can't sleep with an 13 week old puppy in the house either! (she can fetch, sit, lay down on command already - but the potty training? Ha! Thats a joke.)

Oh... and to my "daily blog readers" - you know who you are, but I don't. I can see there are returning visitors to this site via Statcounter, but I don't know who they are. But, you know who you are and I've gotten quite a few more daily readers since my non-smoking road. Thank you - maybe you are here to see if it's worth it or maybe you are just nosey or maybe you have some office bet going to see if I do this or not... but thank you just the same. It's nice to know that someone is checking in with me to see how it's going.

(Would be nice to know who you all are! LOL Leave a comment! Don't be shy!)

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