Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Day #4 and Snowmobile Shows

Well, Day 3 is here & gone... I did it! I had more cravings yesterday than I have yet, but hopefully they are right with the mumbo jumbo about after the 3rd day it gets much better.

I bought strawberry pop tarts yesterday, so I'll be able to take my pill sooner today. I broke down and took my pill yesterday morning w/ a granola bar. I had to fight to get that down. Yuck.

I am finding that the evening pill is giving me an upset stomach - to the point that I feel like I'm going to puke. Funny thing is; my dad doesn't take the morning pill for the same reason. I'm not going to stop taking the evening one quite yet... we'll see if it passes.

Today I need to start getting my butt in gear for the Waconia Snowmobile show this weekend. I have to go to Walmart today and buy hangers (and dog food & kitty litter). We are leaving Friday morning, so I want to have everything packed & ready by Thursday night. Of course, we'll go through the same fight again - I pack light and everything between my stuff and the husbands stuff can fit into one duffel bag. I have a nice sized one... only it's pink. He has this thing with his clothes being in a pink duffel bag. Silly man.

I've got a good selection going of SledderWear merchandise. A package of stickers should be at the post office today. I ordered a few last minute ones last Friday. I have my designs printed out for the catalog and just need to print out the ones I've done this week.

Plus I need to go to the bank today - the husband is getting the puppy-trade sled on Thursday.

Oh.... and it looks like the green Kawi won't be at the show. Don't ask - it's a sore subject. Everything that could have went wrong, did. It ran for 5 minutes last night, though! Sounded great! And then...... well.... it was good while it lasted.


David John Caswell said...

Dear Kittilicious,
Am impressed with your efforts to give up smoking! Personally I've never been stupid enough to start! LOL!
Never mind the smoking, what about the pop tarts! I always refuse to buy them at the supermarket when my kids want them. Don't look the healthiest looking things do they!
Have a nice day and do visit my blog.

Kittilicious said...

Yeah, I was sort of stupid to start but I was 15 at the time, so thats my excuse.
Pop Tarts might not be the healthiest breakfast choice but it's a lot better than 1/2 pack of cigarettes.

And what can you eat anymore that someone somewhere won't consider unhealthy?? It either has too much fat, too much sugar, too much salt... hell, there are fruits & veggies that a person should stay away from if they are trying to lose weight.

My mid-morning (craving buster) snack is peanut M&M :) Yummy.

Melissa said...

Congrats on the no smoking! I hope you continue to go along with it!!!

SledChick said...

You are forgiven small dietary vices in the interest of quitting smoking--even humungously bad ones! Hell, I've never smoked and I can do far worse than a couple of pop tarts in the morning! (like snacking on chocolate chip cookies from breakfast til dinner and washing it down with a coke for energy :)!

Hey--have a great time at the sled show! I hope you mak etons of money!