Wednesday, October 03, 2007


So back to this journal subject thing and Mr Stromme. I was just out in the garage having a cigarette and I was thinking about that. He didn't give subjects/questions like "What did you do last night" or "What did you do on your summer vacation", he gave odd things like "Today's subject is 'a blue ball'". A what? A blue ball? What the heck are you suppose to write about a blue ball?

Now mind you, I don't have any of these journals, so I don't exactly remember if that was one of the subjects or not, it's just an example that I came up with.

Mr Stromme - if you ever read this. Try the blue ball subject. It could make for some interesting reading.

So you take some words like
a blue ball and he left you sitting there with the most blank look on your face trying to be creative and come up with something that even came close to making sense or even came close to the subject he gave you. I think I blame him for my strange thinking. See, I think strange things. Random things that either nobody else thinks of or I am the only one that admits that I think these things. One day, in the shower, I started thinking. I mean, seriously, what else can you do while standing there waiting for the 60 second lapse time for the conditioner to properly work? I don't have one of those removable-put-where-you-want showerheads, so I have to just stand there thinking. So I'm standing there with conditioner in my hair and I wonder - if someone broke into my house right at that very moment and went all Psycho movie on me and killed me in the shower ..... would the funeral director rinse out the conditioner in my hair?

Deep thoughts, people, I tell ya. And it all starts with a blue ball.

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