Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Creative Writing Class

Remember back in high school in Creative Writing/Composition Class, whatever you want to call or did call it or do call it, the teacher had those writing journals that they insisted you have? I loved mine and wish I would have kept them all.

I took every writing class high school had to offer and I must say that in the 15+ years that I've been out of school I haven't taken the time to keep up on my writing skills. So if you are already bored with this blog, that's my excuse.


The journals. Each day our teacher... *here she goes again, off subject* Mr Stromme. He was the best teacher. Even invited him to my wedding, but that's a different story. He was funny, creative, loved him. He could talk, write and I think even possibly could do both at the same time.


Teacher. Journals. Yes, that's where I was at. Subject of the day. They picked the subject for you to write about each day. I loved that. Give me a subject and I can talk about it. But, see, that's whats weird about this whole blog thing for me... nobody is telling me what to write, so often times I sit here staring at the blank box wondering what I want to write about, what would someone like to read. I mean seriously, who really wants to sit and read about my days of laundry, letting the dog out, cleaning up cat puke and running my demons to and from activities?

Tonight it's choir at 6:00, Confirmation at 6:30. Two different demons, two different times, same place basically.

Is that really what people want to read? Is it really?

I don't know. Someone should give me a blog entry so I don't have to ramble so much.

To end... with a picture. Not mine, either. Just a picture of a tiger and a bear. Meow.

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