Friday, October 05, 2007

Who's Your Daddy?

Last night was Parents Night at the swim meet. Demon #1 is in swimming. She came in last place, again, but I always tell her - somebody has got to be last. So after the meet we all meet in the school commons area for a round of desserts.

As we are waiting we keep seeing parents bringing up pans of bar, cookies and other yummy additions. Husband looks at me and says "Were we supposed to bring something?" I don't know, nobody said a word. As we wait, more and more pans of bars and plates of cookies arrive. "I think we were supposed to bring something" How am I supposed to know? Nobody said a thing to me. More time passes and the pile of calories grows. "I think we were supposed to bring something". I had to bite my tongue, but I wanted to ask him if he wanted to run home and bake a pan of brownies, but he was not happy to be there to begin with because it was so late at night. 8:30 late. Which is late for a lot of people, but really late for him since he starts beating his alarm clock at 2am. Hey, he's the one who wanted to be a truck driver!

So the party starts and the whole thing is, each swimmer gets to introduce their parents. They start with the bottom of the totem pole, the 7th graders, which does include our Demon. She's the last one to introduce her proud mommy & daddy. Even though daddy, by this time, is ready to just walk home. She stands up and says

"My name is Taryn - insert last name here - and this is my dad......."

long pause as she stares at him with her hand on his head.
I turn my head, hoping nobody realizes this is MY daughter who can't seem to remember her own father's
"........... Jason."
Everyone starts laughing and I'm dying. I'm hoping that nobody is thinking we just grabbed some bum off the street to pass off as her father or something.
The coach is a good sport, though, and she lightens Taryn's embarrassment with "How often do you call Mom & Dad by their first name?".

After we got home I did ask her, did you pass that "All about me" test in Kindergarten or not?

And about the bars & cookies. I'm pretty sure we weren't supposed to. I don't remember seeing any 7th grade moms or dads walk up with goodies.

The picture isn't from last night, but the look is pretty much the same. And her hair is wet, so that fits, too.

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