Saturday, October 03, 2009

Stuck inside

Today we were supposed to be going to a snowmobile drag race/get together... we were gonna bring the camper and stay the weekend. This head cold/borderline flu bug has finally snuck up on me. Why does mom always seem to be the last one to get it? I've always been amazed by that. I spend all the time taking care of the demons and the husband and then when they are pretty much in the clear, it's like my body says ok time for you now.
The husband and Demon #2 still went today.... they aren't camping it though. It's only supposed to get to a high of 50 today (if we're lucky) and it's gonna be rainy off and on all day. And windy. Not a good day. But you know those die hard snowmobilers - even when there is no snow, they still won't stay home.