Saturday, December 06, 2008

Insurance sucks donkey parts

My best friend is sitting in the hospital right now with full blown placenta previa . She's been there a week. The doctor came in yesterday and told her that because "nothing" has happened, she could go home. Problem is, "home" is 1/2 hour away. If she starts bleeding again, she can bleed out in 5 minutes - and die. The reasons the doctor told her she could go home? Insurance. It's out of his hands, so to speak. Stupid.

Luckily, as that's what I'm calling it, she passed a blood clot this morning so thats enough to keep her there another day or two. Bad news, she's in labor & delivery while they monitor her contractions.

She's only 32 weeks along.

They don't think Brady is going to be born today, but there is always a chance. They are just taking precautions.

Why does the insurance have more power than a doctor? If she goes home, she could DIE. What part of DIE doesn't the insurance understand? Just because nothing is happening doesn't mean it's not going to. We are talking about the life of a mother and child here - why is there a dollar amount on that? A doctor should always be able to override an insurance's decision and the inusrance should just bend over and take it.

This is bullshit.

If anything happens to her or that baby I'm going to be someone's worst nightmare.

I told her that I hope she bleeds a little bit every time they tell her to go home. It's sad that I have to wish that, but it's the only way that I can know she's in a safe place.


Shannon H. said...

I think it is bullshit too. I do hope she and the baby are ok.

Jodi said...

That really is bullshit. I hope and pray that she and the baby will be OK. Insurance sucks big time.

Rae said...

I just hate those kinds of insurance companies! They use such sweet promises to get you to sign with them and send them all that money, then when you need them "too bad Charley"! Dumb!!!

the blogger said...

That sucks. I'm thinking good thoughts for the bubs.

Amber said...

I never could figure out why the US never went with Universal Healthcare...I'd like to say it would never happen in Canada, but I'm not that experienced. I hope it all turns out well.