Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday 9: Kiss and Tell

Saturday 9: Kiss and Tell

1. Who was the last person you kissed? Person? My husband. The last kiss I gave was to the dog, though

2. What are you wearing now? Jeans, my "Truck Drivers Get Me Hot" tshirt and my "Because I'm the Mom" sweatshirt (I know where you get get both shirts.. LOL) And my slippers. And a thin layer of Vicks.

3. What is your favorite meal at a fast food restaurant? Big & Tasty and Chicken McNuggets from McD's.

4. Are you a morning person? Yes. People hate me for it.

5. When you were young, what career did you want? a veterinarian. But the thought of doing surgery on an animal is what kept me away.

6. Do you have a thing (it can be just fantasy) for a blogger that you read? Yep. Kimber

7. Do you wear jewelry? my wedding ring, my recently found class ring, my "mom" necklace and a belly button ring and a few earrings.

8. Do you wear perfume or cologne? If yes what type? None. Nothing stays on me more than 5 mintues anyway. Damn chemicals in my body.

9. Do you think about sex a lot? Yeah, but thats as far as it usually goes... then I think of how much work it would be and I stop thinking about it for a few minutes.


Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Odd. I've never thought of sex as "work". I'll have to think about that aspect some more...

Kittilicious said...

If it's not work, then you must be doing something wrong! LOL

Kimber said...

I simply love your #6. LOL

Kittilicious said...

I hate that when I have to hit the back button to see what number #6 was.

But duh, you knew that would be my answer. Or maybe not. I had nothing else to answer it with... Missy already knows my feelings, so it wouldn't have been a surprise.

Through Thick and Thin said...

sex work? hmmm i like that job.