Monday, November 17, 2008

Its gonna be random

I feel like blogging, but I really have nothing to blog about so I'm just gonna start typing and see where this goes. Maybe it won't go anywhere and this will be a waste of your time to read, who knows.
So yesterday I made our Christmas cards, then I wrote our yearly "letter" to send with it. I'm sitting there and realized that nothing exciting had happened to us in 2008 except for getting Saki. Which probably is ok, it's better than something huge & horrible happening. Knock on wood, of course, because 2008 isn't finished yet.
My brother, Patrick, is a member on IC Forums... actually he's the brains behind it. There wouldn't be a forum to post on if it wasn't for him. Anyway, the other day he posted about a Motrin ad that was created & run that sent a whole bunch of sling-baby-wearing moms into an uproar. I had to laugh.. I never "wore" my babies and not that I have anything against it or anything but I think Motrin was thinking when they created that ad! Wearing your baby any way, even just with your arms, is pain. Plain and simple. And there is not a mother out there who can tell me differently. Motherhood causes headaches, backaches, stomachaches and everything else in between. It comes with the territory. And if you tell me it doesn't, I've got 2 perfectly behaved, non-emotional teenagers to sell you. I think Motrin should point there ad at me! The baby years are easy... just wait until your precious cooing bundles of joy turn into back-talking, mood swinging, hormonal, hate-you-then-love-you teenagers. You don't know the pain of a migraine until you've gotten past those terrible twos.
But yet, even though my demons hate me after I tell them to take out the garbage or that they need to clean their room... I still just had to get them both a puffle from ToysRUs yesterday because... well, I'm a mom and even though they cause me pain, I forget about it when I think of how happy they will be when I give them their "for no reason present". (A "puffle" is a character on Club Penguin. If your kids haven't discovered Club Penguin yet... let them. It's a great site. Very safe, very monitored.)
I've been sick for almost a week... I wish one of the demons would have given me a "for no reason present" of doing the dishes at least once this past week. Never happened. Oh well. The pain of being a mom. They have clean clothes, clean dishes and blueberry muffins in their tummies, but I am still sick.
Baby wearing moms.... just wait. You ain't felt the pain that Motrin can't relieve.
Wow. I really went off on that, now didn't I? Just strikes a cord with me. Perfect little mommies. They all live in a dreamworld.
Hmmm now I don't have anything else to say. Chico is barking at God knows what. Probably the wind or something stupid. I swear that he must have some sort of anxiety disorder. He's always scared of something and tries to act like a big dog and bark. I tell him that nobody is afraid of a dustmop, but he just keeps going.
Hey.... dustmops. I finally got one of those Swiffer WetJets this weekend. The jury is still out if I like it or not. Seems to leave streaks on my living room floor (it's got a wood floor - or those knock-off wood floors I suppose you could call it). Seems to pick up a lot of stuff though. Either that or my floor was just that dirty. It is that time of year... wet, muddy, dogs drag their muddy paws across my floors.
Anyone ever use those Frebreeze candles? Holy cow, do they throw off their scent! It's got to be the strongest smelling candle to date. Love them. Sometimes its too much, but it makes the whole house smell good - not just the 4 foot circumfrance of the candle.
You still reading?? I have days like this where I just want to type about nothing in particular. Today is one of those days. I really should get my ass in gear and go do my errands and visit my parents but I have no ambition. And my weatherbug says its 19 degrees outside. Brrrrcity, as Kimber would say.
Ok I guess I'm done. Don't know if it was worth reading or not, but it got my blogging out of my system for the time being.

I'm adding the Motrin video. Seems even the cached page of it doesn't work. Tell me what you think? Think Motrin went too far? You already know my opinion....


Kimber said...

That's brrr-fricking-city!

Did you see Motrin closed their site to take down the ad? What BS.

Kittilicious said...

Dumb. They should have left it up. They are getting more publicity now than ever before!

Coffee Slut said...

I live on Motrin, but I never did or ever plan to wear a baby.

Anonymous said...

I actually laughed out loud at the Motrin ad. So stupid. I didn't wear my kid (though I will admit to buying one of those stupid slings-- only used it once -- we both hated it) and she is turning out just fine.

Amber said...

Yeah, I'm a little offended by the commercial as it implies that baby-wearing is unhealthy, or maybe even a gimmick. I wore my second child forever...ok, maybe up until he got too heavy for my baby carrier, and I have to say that it made my world easier to do so with two kids cause I didn't have to stop as much to check on him. Yes, it made me sore, but only until I got used to it.
We make our own Christmas cards too, but we also send out monthly letters instead of yearly, I always have a lot to say I suppose.
As for the Swiffer thing, it probably left streaks cause wood (even the fake stuff) cleans better with just warm water :o)
I didn't know Febreeze had candles...How many scents do they have? lol