Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Below Fricken Zero!

So the husband wants me to go with him on this snowmobiling trip in February... way the hell up north in the boonies of Minnesota... way up by the Canadian border where nothing with warm blood lives. We're talking -40 below weather! Yeah, thats negative, as in below fricken zero. I'm supposed to go up there, freeze my ass off and sit behind his ass on a snowmobile. Why did I even agree to this? Good Lord, what have I done?
I still haven't committed to this 100%... I mean we're talking below zero - like instant ice. I have a low blood pressure to begin with and I've been wearing long johns since September. I ain't a cold-blooded woman!
I try to be a good wife and try to get into this whole snowmobile fiasco that he's gotten himself into, but why can't he just get into water-skipping or something? (thats where you snowmobile across water.... in the summer... when it's warm!) Maybe I'll take it up and he'll forget about snow.
Ok, nevermind that. I don't look good in a bikini anymore.
So thats my whine of the day - to go or not to go. It's gonna be cold. Cold... freezing. Ack! I don't know what to do.
He better never question my fricken love for him if I do go.


Lapa37 said...

Oh but it is so fun riding on a snow mobile I did it a few times before and had a blast.I think you will enjoy yourself so much you will forget about the cold.

Anonymous said...

If you go I would insist on your own sled, what fun is it to just sit back there and be cold?

I am a vintage sledhead too, I would make sure my wife had her own sled if she was willing to come along. (besides, that is all the more reason why we need yet another sled)

Won't that pink interceptor be done by then?

StraitJacketMom (Berleen) said...

Nope, I don't ride. Hate it. I'll sit behind the husband and he can block the wind.

'Ceptorlicious isn't even been touched yet. Next year maybe.

Lapa37 said...

I know I was already here but I have a tag for you so go grab it when you have a chance

Jen said...

I once went camping in January up north. Yes I said in outside, all night, no tent, just a tarp...In January. In Ely. It was actually very nice. As long as you keep moving and wear layers you'll be fine.