Monday, October 20, 2008

I Quit T-shirt Designing

I Quit Snowmobiling
Your sledding buddies will get a laugh out of this one when they see "I quit snowmobiling" but then see that it actually says "I quit my job so I could do more snowmobiling".

I hate having days like this. I can't think of anything to design. I made this one, but it's only because I saw a similar quote on another site. It said "I quit ________ dancing".

But now I'm stuck. My mind is completely blank and I should be pushing out designs like crazy with Christmas coming up. But I can't. It's like a writers block sort of thing.

Throw me a bone - what should I design today?

I just hate days like this.

Typical Monday.

Ok I did one for scrapbooking, too. I Quit Scrapbooking I really am bored today and not very creative.

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