Saturday, October 25, 2008

Drunken Headaches and 14 year olds

I just told Demon #2 oops. Kimber corrected me.... it's a story about Demon #1

Lets start over. I just told Demon #1 (who remember is 14) that her dad & I were going to go out and get drunk tonight. We aren't, but thats besides the point. Actually, she doesn't believe me because we never do so she basically laughed at me. Then she said I couldn't because I wasn't 21.

(Love her)

"If I wasn't 21 yet, you wouldn't be born yet."

"You were 21 when I was born?"

"Yeah, I was 21 when I got pregnant with you... no wait... it was 2 weeks after my 21st birthday."

(she laughs) "2 weeks after?"

"Yeah, which is a good thing because then you would have been an alcohol baby"

"You drank on your 21st birthday?"

"Yeah, because thats what you do when you turn 21."

"So when I turn 21 I should get drunk?"

"Yes and not before."

"So I should drink and get drunk and have a headache the next day? Thats silly."

and she walked away.

*cue the look of disbelief that I actually taught my kid something good*


Kimber said...

"I just told Demon #2"~ typo! Taryn is demon #1. *giggle*

Taryn is too funny!

Kittilicious said...

It's absolutely normal to call your demons by the wrong number.

It's fixed.
Thank you :)

Kimber said...

Well my kids correct me when I call them the wrong name so I figured I would correct you. LOL

Melany said...

I definitely laughed out loud at this one. Don't you worry I'm sure she will change her mind before you know it. Hopefully not, but I wouldn't keep your hopes too high :)

Kittilicious said...

I'm sure she will... I hope not. I don't know, she's got pretty strong opinions about alcohol already because of Brent.