Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Pet Bowls at the store - quick, go look!

Just a quickie note to say that we now have pet bowls available at &!!!
Each of our designs is available on either the small or large pet bowl. Ok, so not all the designs "make sense" for a dog or cat... but hey, who am I to say they don't look good printed on it, right?

I'm thinking these could even be considered at water dishes for reptiles! How sweet would that be? Or rabbits... or ferrets... I guess that's why they are called "pet" bowls and not "feline" or "canine" bowls.

Of course, as always, we'll personalize for ya! You can bet that Saki & Chico will be getting their own personalized bowls! Spoiled brats that they are.

Speaking of Saki... think a quick good thought for her today. She had "the surgery" today. (she done got spayed!) I am a responsible pet owner, hear me roar! No puppies for my Saki-girl! I called the vet already (did you expect less?) and she did great... made it through surgery fine and is resting.

.... all alone in a cage by herself...

She has an e-collar on, so I bet she's just pissed off! It's one of those cone-head things so she can't bite at her stitches. You can bet there will be embarrassing pics of her on here tomorrow! I can pick her up anytime after 9am tomorrow. I can't wait!

.... because she'll be all alone in a cage all by herself all night long.....

Ok, yes, I have issues. I HATE leaving my animals overnight at a vet. The cats I won't leave. Saki I did just because of how big & hyper she is and I don't know that I can keep her quiet, calm and rested so soon after surgery. They say they keep them overnight for "observation". Tell me... who is there all night long to observe them? That's my point. Nobody is. So if she tears her stitches at 11pm tonight and is bleeding all over the place, nobody will be there to see it until 6:30tomorrow morning.

I know, I need to let this go. She'll be fine.


Anyway... go buy a pet bowl.

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