Wednesday, April 09, 2008

How my brain works

Tuesday's blog assignment is/was "when is your mind in full working motion? And what have you been known to accomplish during that time of day?" Yes, I know it's Wednesday. I'm slacking, sorry.

The reason for my slacking is the answer to the question. My mind works best in the morning... we are talking early morning, right when I wake up. People have hated me for it and my family has learned to live with it. Yesterday morning when the topic was created (by me) I was also in full working mode for designs... and fish, which I have been blogging about. I just couldn't bring myself to type about doing it without doing it. Didn't make sense to me.

I've been known to do quite a number of things in the early morning hours - cleaning, designing, laundry... all done by 9am. It's happened, honest.

But the sad thing is, most days my brain shuts down around 10am. I can still function, but any bit of creativity or ambition to do anything else is usually in the next county by then.


Jenny said...

Wow. Early morning, huh? ARE YOU HUMAN???
I don't even think I have a brain in the morning, let alone have it work. It shows up somewhere after 12 noon. If I'm lucky.

Kittilicious said...

Yep I'm human and it's getting close to 9am now so I'm starting to wind down... .LOL

Karen said...

I use to be a morning person, but that went out the window with the twins' sleep schedule. I think it's great to accomplish as much as you can at the beginning of the day. Then you won't feel guilty to nap, relax, go shopping, etc . . . later on.

Jerinda said...

I wish I had a working brain early in the morning!