Sunday, March 09, 2008

Stupid Friggin Onions

I have the worst body chemistry when it comes to perfumes and such. Within an hour or so you can't smell them on my anymore... but let me cut up a fricken onion and I can smell the damn thing on my hands for DAYS!
I washed my hands after cutting it up last night.. washed them this morning before I put my contacts in, plus I took a shower - today is shampoo day, so I shampooed and conditioned my hair... plus cleaned up the body parts with soap. You would think after all that I wouldn't be able to smell the onion, right?
Nooooooo. Onions are the ONLY thing that stays on my skin!!!

I love onions, but I hate the smell of it on my hands.

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SledChick said...

I'm the same way. Perfume only stays on my clothes, not my skin. Onions and garlic you can smell all week. One thing that works (better right away but still helpful after the fact) is to rub lemon juice on your hands. It neutralizes the onion juice. I think orange will in a pinch, too, if you don't have lemon juice laying around.