Monday, March 10, 2008

Hockey, school stuff, time change and smoking

Hockey : Insanity Wear :

Thats what I'm working on today. Not sure whats up with the hockey, though. We are not hockey fans... don't know anyone who is, actually. My sister just made a comment to me this past weekend that I have a whole bunch of sports stuff, but no hockey. Ok, well now I do.

Had to run a forgotten project to school bright and early this morning for Demon #1.

Speaking of bright & early. How was it getting out of bed for you today? Good God... I wanted to hurt something this morning. Usually I'm a morning person, but my body gets on such a schedule that this time change crap throws it into a tailspin and kicks it. And the demons - I should have said a short prayer before I attempted to wake them up this morning.

I know I haven't updated my smoking process... or no smoking process, that is. I'm on Day #52. It hasn't gotten any easier and I'm always wanting a cigarette, but I haven't had one.

Still have that opened pack in my purse though!


SledChick said...

That is SO cool you're still not smoking!

As for the time change, agreed. Add to the problem that my hub kept my 2 boys out til bed time last night and everyone got to bed late. Can you say kill husband?

I'm considering moving to a state that doesn't change the clocks. That is, if there is one that still has snow:)

Kittilicious said...

thank you... thank you...

Arizona doesn't have the time change... but it was over 80 degrees there yesterday and thats just not right for March.

Jenny said...

AWESOME on the smoking girl! The time change hasn't really affected our household, surprisingly.

Jerinda said...

Gosh, why don't you talk about your kids more??



Kittilicious said...

because I don't have to, thats why! :)~