Saturday, March 08, 2008

Vick's dogs getting second chance - Yahoo! News

Vick's dogs getting second chance - Yahoo! News:
"Shadow is still frightened of strangers.

Layla continues to bristle at the sight of another dog.

Little Red is friendly, but very wary of strangers and takes a while to trust people. Handlers believe she was used as a bait dog, her teeth filed to nubs so she wouldn't fight back when other dogs were trained to attack her.

Georgia's teeth were pulled out altogether, probably to keep her from attacking while she was bred.

Lucas, a heavily scarred male, is one of the friendliest. He loves visitors and jumps on his doghouse in anticipation when somebody starts to open his kennel gate. Lucas' tail wags like a propeller as he prepares to greet whomever with a big wet lick to the face.

'Most of these guys, we couldn't go near at first,' said trainer John Garcia, who was part of the team that evaluated the dogs in Virginia before they were sent to the various groups. 'They were so shy and so down and scared. Now they're just loving on us, coming up for attention — just very, very outgoing.'

As friendly as he is, Lucas is one of the dogs that will never be up for adoption because of his violent past. "

I would have figured that all of the dogs would have been put down. It's amazing to me that Lucas is a vetern fighter - probably one of the best from the sounds of his scars - but yet he's the most friendliest. It's sad that he can't be adopted out.

Read this story and then come back and tell me why it's the dogs' fault they have the rap they do... people are the ones that did this to them, not themselves. Humans are to blame for this reputation pit bulls have.

I get so angry when I hear about this BSL crap. Ok, nothing is said about BSL in this article, but still... I know what people are thinking.

Yes, certain breeds have certain traits, but I just cannot believe that any dog is born bad. They are made that way with chains, lack of human contact, lack of socialization skills, lack of proper training, exercise, love and respect. To me it's like saying if Jeffery Dahmer would have had children they would have eventually had a taste for human flesh. Seriously, how dumb does that sound? About as dumb as every Pit Bull in the world being mean.

I've heard rumors about a possible nationwide ban of 5 different breeds. Pits & Rotties would be on that list I'm sure. Chows and Akita's I think, too. Not sure about the 5th - wolf hybrids?

I'd like someone to take DocJim's dog away from him......

Anyway. Doesn't matter. Answer me one thing... if a nationwide ban would go into place, what would happen to all of the current dogs that are alive? Do they have to be put down? Does that also include the therapy dogs that just happen to be one of those breeds? What about the rottweilers that have been trained as seeing eye dogs; do they need to be killed also?

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Kitty said...

A rottweiler to me is one of the best,most loving,gentleest dogs I know.I grew up with them.It's too bad the reputation these dogs get is because of how they've been taught.