Friday, February 29, 2008

How Saki flosses her teeth

With the kitty scratching post!!
The cats have actually done all the damage to it, Saki just happened to find it today.


Jenny said...

Now, why is that cuter to me than my own dogs are??? Max just flossed his teeth yesterday with my new $20 Stephen King book. I fault for letting it lie around. At least it wasn't a library book!

Kittilicious said...

Ohhhhh no!!!! Totally gone?

Which book? LOL (I love Stephen King!)

Jenny said...

No...he chewed the bottom by the spine, so I can still read it. To me, it's the principle of not being able to place my book on the arm of the sofa and have that be ok. That's the problem.
It's "Duma Key", his most recent. LOVE IT...I'm about half way through, but it's the "think about it all day" kind of book. It's huge, but that makes me happy, 'cause it will last longer. :)
BTW, I have every John Saul book!

Kittilicious said...

Ok thats almost just spooky. Usually when I mention John Saul people ask "who's that?"... especially when they see that one shelf of my book shelf is covered with just his books! LOL

I need to get the newest one yet... possibly the last two. Not sure, I've been really bad at reading lately.

4funboys said...

I found you from Jenny's blog... cute pix.

My mother owns a HUGE scrapbooking store and I can't wait to show them some of your shirts.