Thursday, October 25, 2007

Kawasaki Snowmobiles - I am not the expert

I thought it was funny that this blog was getting Google hits from searches regarding Kawasaki sleds. Interceptors, Invaders... all of them. The husband didn't find much humor in it, though. If you notice on my sidebar there is a link to Thats where you want to go for information on Kawi sleds. How I climbed the Google ladder, I don't know. All the information you would ever want or need to know is there. The site and the forums themselves is filled with information from the best group of die-hard Kawi fans out there. Are they experts? Sure they are! They are self-taught experts and what better way to become one, right! So if you stumbled into this blog because you are looking for something about your Kawasaki snowmobile, go there, not here. I just use this as a place to vent, bitch and brag really. (Read my posts on the upcoming 'Ceptorlicious - my very own Interceptor that is already pissing Kawi fans off and it hasn't even made it to our garage yet!) I'm just the wife of a Kawasaki addict, thats all.
And if you are looking for Kawi t-shirts, coffee mugs, sweatshirts and other gifts - thats where I can help. is mine and it's my little part of the snowmobile world. But otherwise... head over to KawasakiTrax and yap with the guys - they will help you out!

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