Monday, October 15, 2007

The Pink Interceptor - 'Ceptorlicious

So a few weeks ago I mentioned to the husband that I want a Kawasaki Interceptor.

It's a snowmobile, follow along.

I want to paint it pink and call it 'Ceptorlicious. I'd name it Kittilicous, but that would look silly on a Kawasaki. Now if I had an Arctic Cat it would be a different story. They have leopard print, which you would think - if you knew me at all - would be what I want, but I can't because it's not a Kawasaki.

Vintage snowmobiles, aren't you following along?

From the minute I told the husband about my future plans for 'Ceptorlicious his head has been in the clouds. After years of trying to get me to get into this whole snowmobiling game, he's finally won. Or so he thinks. He even bought me a newer sled a couple years ago. I think I rode it once. It's up for sale if anyone is interested. It's a 1990-something Polaris. Neat looking sled, but I get cold when I'm on it, so I don't go on it.

I have no plans to ride the 'Ceptorlicious either. I just want it. So I'm getting it. Don't call me spoiled, either. I've been asking for a puppy for months and the husband refuses that, but I ask for a snowmobile and he's going to go to the ends of the earth for me.


So anyway. One phone call and my Interceptor was found. I'll get it in November. Excitement is boiling through me so much I can't contain myself.

You just can't hear sarcasm on the net.

Yesterday I was out in the garage with the husband and I said that I changed my mind about 'Ceptorlicious - I don't want the whole hood pink.

"It wasn't going to be"

Huh? WTF? What if I wanted the whole thing pink?

"I've been thinking a lot about it and how to make it what you want, but still make it look like an Interceptor"

Wait a second. How does that sentence even make sense? He's been thinking about how I want it?? How about just asking me? If it's my sled, to do with as I please, then why should he think about it?

So 'Ceptorlicious will exist, but I think it will end up being the husbands pink sled, not mine.

All I wanted was a puppy.

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