Thursday, September 27, 2007

One of my biggest pet peeves

One thing you will read a lot about on here is my stand on BSL (Breed Specific Legislation). Now some people will argue that it's not real, that the government is not trying to pass a law banning breeds. Well, that may be so at the highest levels, but more and more communities are doing this and it's just downright ignorant.
A friend of mine posted a story last week at the forums. One of the quotes in the story was "If anybody out there -- a gang-banger, a drug dealer -- if they want to sic a dog on us, we'll kill them. I mean, boom. We don't sit around and ask questions." Read that closely. Read it again. Do you see what it says? It should be a truthful statement, but it's not. If anybody.... they want to sic a dog... we'll kill them. Get it? Thats the way it should be - go after the OWNERS of the dogs.
Now, mind you, I'm not a fan of Pit Bulls, but it's not because of the bad rap they've gotten. I just don't find them attractive. Although I have seen some that would melt anyones heart! Remember years ago when the Doberman was the breed that everyone hated? What happened there? Now they are lovable family dogs. Go figure.
I personally am more leery of small dogs than I am large ones. They are intimidated by people and have to protect themselves. But you know you never hear of that poodle mauling in the news...
So yep. You'll hear about me bitching from time to time about this subject. I even have a section in my store just for pets and a lot of it is directly about this subject!

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