Thursday, March 17, 2011

FREE: one cute cat.

FREE: one cute cat. Has asthma, chronic respiratory problems, constantly has a snotty nose and will sneeze the boogers all over walls and you and sometimes in your food. In the middle of the sneeze will fart and you will be forced to leave the room.
Constant energy, gets into everything and is afraid of nothing. Will help you clean the house by jumping on brooms, vacuums and rags as you are using them. Will knock toasters off the counter, forcing you to clean the breadcrumbs out, which once you realize how many breadcrumbs were hidden you might thank him for saving your house from an unnecessary fire. You CANNOT have glass items or any other breakable items anywhere in your home unless they are bolted to the ceiling, but even then it might be iffy.
Loves to be in the garage and will help you lose nuts, bolts and even small tools. Will sit on your shoulder while wrenching on things whether you want him to or not.
Terrorizes other cats and dogs well, whether they want him to or not. But in a matter of seconds will turn and cuddle with them and keep them clean.
Talks to you, well more like talks back. Doesn't take no for an answer.
Within a week you will regret taking him and will find yourself putting your own "Free Cat" ad out. You might even pay for someone to take him.

You might remember Bastian, I blogged about him a year ago. OMG It's been a year. This cute little 2.3 lb cat that we felt the need to save has turned into an 8lb TERROR! He is constantly known as "YOUR cat" when the husband is around. The husband is blamed for brining him home. But the stupid cat has a home forever here. There's no way anyone could pry him from our lives. Stupid cat.

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Nessa said...

Sounds much like my 9 week old dog Harley. he's driving me insane! I've never had a puppy this bad before. All that saves him is that he's so stinkin cute WHILE he's bad!