Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tats, blogs, swimming in your favorite shirt and Oh so much more!

1. Obama tattoos. What do you think of people who got one?
  • I think they are pretty stupid. What if the dude turns out to be another Bush or Nixon?
2. How many blogs do you read a day, and do you always comment?
  • 5-10, depends on the day. There are 4 that I go to each day regardless. Do I always comment? No. I am awful that way. I guess I should. I'm a loser.
3. Do you know to swim?
  • I know how to, I just don't like to. It's that submersion in water thing that I have.
4. Describe your favorite shirt.
5. What is one thing that is ALWAYS on your grocery list? Extra points for imagination and creativity. biggrin.gif
  • Peanut Butter Cups. Not very creative, but truthfull.
6. Have you ever done any acting?
  • Just to my parents when I was a kid. And a cop once - maybe I should have pursued acting... if you can convince a cop you aren't drunk and that nobody drank in your house even though there was a counter full of empty bottles... you should win an award. I should have.
7. I just made a delicious smelling dinner with mystery meat. Will you have some?
  • as long as all your pets and kids are still in the house where I can see them I don't care.
8. If you are driving in the rain and you see a person walking along the road, do you intentionally try to splash them?
  • Depends on who they are. My kids? You bet your ass I do.
9. Yearbooks- do you still have any from school?
  • Yeah, all of them. Does that make me a nerd?
10. What kind of shampoo do you use?
  • I go between Suave, Pantene and Dove. Depends on my mood.
11. And just to counter Ber's first question from last week.... What's the hottest temps you have experienced?
  • Probably 105 or so. But it's the humidity that'll kill ya....

Thursday Thunks... it's what we do on Thursdays.... Now go get your butt over there and play with us....


Kimber said...

I love Dove shampoo.

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Better stay away from the peanut butter cups. People are dying from the salmonella. I'd hate to start your meme and than have you croak... ;)

Amber said...

Ugh, it took me forever to adjust to humidity down here, and it's no where near that horrid, it's just real dry back home.
I had to think for a bit before I recalled what Luminol was, LOL
Happy Thursday :o)

Dianne said...

I liked your #6 answer! That was definitely acting to the 1st degree.

Vicki said...

Humidity is nasty, clings to you like spandex!

Kitten said...

I have all of my yearbooks too! If you consider yourself a nerd, you are a tres cool one indeed! Nerds unite!

kikamz said...

Ooohhhh, I love peanut butter! I used to eat them before going to bed.

tintintetay said...

I love your answers, but LOL'd @ ##7 the most.