Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Senior Pics - she's all grown up!

My goddaughter stopped by today. I'm taking her senior pics for her this summer. It makes me feel older than dirt though... she was born the year after I graduated high school.... and here she is graduating next year!

We were brainstorming ideas for backgrounds, props and all that fun stuff. I am so excited to do this because she is the prettiest thing to ever walk this planet...

See? I wasn't making that crap up... she is fricken adorable. One of the pics she wants is her in an old rusty pickup (is she related to me or what? LOL)... I can't wait to do that one! Not to mention the fun I'll have with playing with the pictures later!!

I'm still thinking of different - unique - ideas for her pictures. (so is she) Anyone have any ideas?