Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Twilight Addict

I am admitting my obsession. I am 110% hooked on the Twilight series. I bought the first 2 books on Thursday... had the first one read by Saturday night. I would have had it done sooner but it was an Easter gift to the demons and I was reading in secret. I was busted in the last chapter though... I heard Demon #1 walking in my room but I couldn't put the book down - I had to know how it ended.

The second book, New Moon, I read in less than 24 hours. I got nothing done yesterday but laundry. The family had to wait for supper until I was done with the book. They are suffering because of my addiction.

I'm not alone. My bestest friend is reading it, too. In fact, at one point yesterday we were in the same part of the book. I talked to her in the morning and found out that I had passed her up. I don't care if she has a 3 month old baby at home and 3 other kids to take care of - read faster, dammit! So I told her I would stop at the end of Chapter 12 so she could catch up. She finally called me last night and confessed that she read farther... I didn't feel so bad that I only had about 10 pages to go until I read the whole thing.

I guess I was the only one in this world that didn't know werewolves were a part of this book, too. So that was a surprise to me. I'm glad I didn't know - I didn't see it coming. I should have, of course, since it was mentioned in the first book but I figured it wasn't significant. I was wrong. I did have issues with the fact that Edward wasn't in most of the book. I was getting pissed at him... how could he leave Bella like that? Seriously? My heart broke when he thought she was dead and he was trying to have himself killed. He didn't want to live in a world that she wasn't apart of. How absolutley romantic is that? And then to find out that he left the pictures and his music in her floorboards... I busted out laughing (which made Demon #1 tell me I was a headcase). I was sorta disappointedg that Bella wasn't actually hearing his voice when she was in trouble, that she created it herself. I was really hoping that Edward was just watching her from a distance, trying to keep her safe.

So yes, I'm hooked. I have to go and get the other 2 books now. I have to pace myself though - I read the first two far too fast. But I need to know how... or if... they are going to be able to turn Bella into a vampire and not break the treaty.

I know my bestest friend has started the 3rd book without me. I just know it.


Tilli said...

Oh my gosh, I am getting major deja vu just reading your post. I discovered Twilight as my flatmate was reading it, and we decided to read it together. Pretty quickly I had overtaken her and while willing her to hurry up so we could sit and discuss it for hours I could not stop reading. It's ridiculous! It's like it grabs hold of your hair and won't let go till you've finished! I think New Moon's my favourite, despite the dire lack of Edward, it's so heartbreaking for so much of the book and then there's such sort of, beautiful but incomplete resolution. Love it! It's so much fun 'watching' someone else read it for the first time. Hope you guys love it all.

Kimber said...

Ya'll need to hurry up and get to Breaking Dawn!!!!

Amber said...

Put up a spoiler alert!
I read through this post and found some stuff I didn't know about.
Dang Twilight obsessed readers...what am I gonna do now when I start reading it?

Anonymous said...

I've read the whole series 3 times, so I know how you feel. If you haven't seen the movie yet, don't watch it until you've read all the books.

Dracenea said...

I started reading Twilight a couple years ago. I've always had a thing for vampires and bought the book before anyone else was reading it. Of course Stephenie's writing is fantastic so I went through all the Twilight series and The Host. But I gotta' say the movie and the fandom that followed has really turned me off and I ended up selling all of the Twilight series on Craigslist last week. *sigh* It was good while it lasted.